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Kennel Maintenance

At Bay Area K9 Training we clean our dog kennels and outdoor play area's daily with a disinfectant solution called a "Wysi Wash" which is a disinfectant spray made for dog kennels that you're able to connect to your garden hose and spray then rinse to sanitize your dogs play and potty areas. A must have for dog owners with multiple dogs or professional dog training facilities.

We recommend dog crates and kennels are vacuumed every single day of dog fur and dandruff. This will help keep a clean and sanitary area for your dog to return to, it can also be a great time to desensitize your dog to distractions of and noises of a vacuum and be sure to disinfect your dogs crate using wipes daily to help keep dogs in your care clean and sanitary at all times. Wipes we use for daily cleanings

Feeding Guidelines

We feed our dogs two to three times per day, often times we are asked what tools we use to train dogs the most and the answer to how to train a dog best is by using food as a reward and using that to motivate your dog thru day to days tasks and training sessions. They key to training a dog is staying consistent and making training fun.


Feeding and Drinking Bowls should be washed with hot water, dish washing soap after every meal or once per day to keep a clean and sanitary living environment for your dog.


Grooming & Maintenance


Brushing your dog is great way to build a bond with your dog, this can be done as often as two to three times per week which is a great way to keep tangles out of your dogs hair and help secure a greater bond with your dog. Grooming your dog regularly will also help desensitize your dog to you touching your dog where a dog groomer or veterinarian may touch your dog. It is important your dog allows you to touch his or her tail, stomach, paws, mouth etc.. without aggression, stimulating your dogs in this nature will prepare your dog for times like when you need to send your dog to your dog trainer or groomer.

Why Crate Training is Important


Getting your puppy or working dog used to its dog crate is important more many reasons. One of the most important reasons is to help housebreak your new puppy or rescue dog.  When dogs are left unsupervised they can get away with peeing where they are not supposed to. We do not recommend scolding your dog for relieving themselves in their crate, instead you will need to come them let them out quicker the next time around. Providing a size appropriate crate for your dog is recommended, instinctively dogs will seek small den like places. Never leave a dog in a crate in an area that is too hot or cold for you. Also be sure to leave clean water inside your dogs crate at all times in case your dog gets thirsty. For dog owners with more than one dog we recommend each dog has his or her own separate crate to ensure comfort and to decrease the chance of aggression. Once your dog understands his or her crate rules they can graduate to a much larger enclosure referred to as a dog kennel which will provide much more room for your adult dog. To learn more on how to housebreak your dog contact a Bay Area K9 Trainer today or enroll for a training package.



Dogs owners that travel with their dogs should use dog crates.. Your dog cannot prepare themselves for turns or stop like we can, therefore a size appropriate dog crate fastened down securely is recommended.

 For example: Police K9’s have customized crate like spaces in police vehicles, this allows officers to gain safety for their K9’S for times when proceeding police work.

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