Create a program that is consistent on your family's dog training needs.

Dogs learn through patterns of what they see and do. For Example, if your bring out food and your dog decides to jump on you he or she is acting out of complete excitement but at the same time they are learning that jumping is an ok behavior. A strong pack leader does not allow their dog to be unruly.

But... Be fair, allow your dog to make mistakes, that is how they learn, thru patterns of what they see and do. When starting training, train in low distraction environment, then gradually increase duration and and focus for each beahavior.

Teach your dog that loud noises are okay, this will help your dog learn you are more important then distractions.

Getting your dog used to being in the car is beneficial for times of transporting your dog, many dog owners only put their dogs in the car when going to the veterinarian for checkups and vaccinations, it is important to further your dogs experiences in the car by taking them to different areas so they have more positive outcomes of being in the car. Using a crate is best for traveling in the car.

Why Crate Training is Important

Getting your puppy or dog used to its crate is important more many reasons. One of the most important reasons is to help housebreak your new puppy or rescue dog.  When dogs are left unsupervised they can get away with peeing where they're not supposes to. We do not recommend scolding your dog for relieving themselves in their crate, instead you will need to come them let them out quicker the next time around. Providing a size appropriate crate for your dog is recommended, instinctively dogs seek small den like places. For dog owners with more than one dog we recommend each dog has his or her separate crate to ensure comfort and to decrease the chance of aggression.


Most dogs sleep on average of 12 hours, encouraging a full night sleep in your dogs crate may benefit dogs that feel fatigued after a long days of work. Something to keep in mind is dogs too can cramp like people, leaving your dog in a crate for long duration's can effect its growth and nerve circulation, therefore relieving your dog every 4 to 8 hours is just as important to first use the bathroom then play, train and proceed thru its fun filled day.


Dogs owners that travel with their dogs should use dog crates.. Your dog cannot prepare themselves for turns or stop like we can, therefore a size appropriate dog crate fastened down securely is recommended.

 For example: Police K9’s have customized crate like spaces in police vehicles, this allows officers to gain safety for their K9’S for times when proceeding police work.


Indoor Dog Rules

Make sure your dog understands his or her place and priority’s within the house. Too much leisure time can allow dogs to get away with things that we may not see while they are committing these acts, therefore keeping tour dog on leash at times indoors is a great idea, which will also help your dog learn to relax while the leash is on.


Outdoor Dog Rules

If you plan on keeping your garden green and lively, it is recommend your dog gets a part of your backyard versus the entire yard, for instance a large outdoor kennel for each dog will keep your dog out of unwanted areas such as your children’s play area or family gathering area. A dogs urine contains toxins such as ammonia, which in large amounts can be hazardous towards children respiratory systems, ensuing your dog has a bathroom area away from your main garden is recommended. We also recommend cleaning all dog crates and kennels 1-3 times a week depending on usage with a solution of diluted bleach and water is recommended which will kill all bacteria and contaminates to keep your dogs living space clean and sanitary.

Feeding Guidelines

Puppies require 3-4 meals per day

Adult dogs require 1-2 meals a day

All feeding and drinking dishes should be washed after every meal or once a day, no two dogs should ever share the same bowls this will prevent future illness and minimize food aggression between your dog. Cleaning toys with soap and water is also a great way to ensure your dogs mouth clean.

Dogs can be fed in their crate, this will help them learn the crate has great things to offer place. This feeding system also give dog owners with multiple dogs a chance to eat at their own pace while in their own dog crate. Once your dog has been fed, food should be removed from the dogs vicinity to keep your dogs living area clean ad sanitary.

Grooming & Maintenance

Brushing your dog is great way to build a bond with your dog, this can be done as often as 1-2 times per week which is a great way to keep tangles out of your dogs hair and help secure a greater bond with your dog. Grooming your dog regularly will also help desensitize your dog to touch. It is important your dog allows you to touch his or her tail, stomach, paws, mouth etc.. without aggression, stimulating your dogs in this nature will prepare your dog for times like when you need to send your dog to the local groomer.

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