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What does an evaluation cover?


An evaluation allows your trainer to get to know your canines current behavioral status and talk to pet owners about their training goals and objectives. Evaluations allow your trainer to personalize your training program according to your canines behavioral status. Remember no two dogs are the same that is why we evaluate your canine as an individual.


How early can I enroll my dog for training?


We encourage dog owners to start as early as 16 weeks old, to build a solid foundation for your dogs life. In addition to teaching house rules and obedience commands to establish a strong pack leadership. Further more, it is never to late to train a dog new tricks.

How would you describe your training methods?


Our first approach is to conduct an evaluation of your dog current temperament to better understand your dog as an individual then use our balanced approach to train every canine. During the learning phase we use positive motivation, luring, and shaping: performing several repetitions of each command and exercise. After your dog is redundant towards your commands we transition into a reward base system by phasing out the motivators, making the response to obedience reliable. Once your dog has mastered the new commands, we introduce a specialized proofing method by including and working under distractions to your dogs obedience. This is necessary in order for training to be reliable for real world environments. We also include group training classes to all of our programs to ensure your dog is able to take on tasks and complete variables of obedience under distractions.

What is clicker training? How is it different from your training?

Clicker training goes hand in hand with classical conditioning vs operant conditioning, this discovery of training is based on marking a behavior with a clicker which is followed with a secondary reward (treat). Clicking a clicker will not stop your dog from chasing a cat. We use clickers for training in our intermediate stages to mark significant events. In the early stages of training we encourage our students to utilize verbal markers as a way to mark good behavior and mark the moment with a treat. Soon your dog will look at you for guidance, once this transitions occurs you are you now your dogs pack leader thru motivation. We believe our word association and foundation imprinting is what helps your dog retain commands.

What is needed to confirm my dogs immunizations are current?

We need vet records confirming your canine has received the distemper combination, rabies, and bordetella vaccines to ensure safety for all canines at our group training classes. Puppies under the age of 16 weeks are an exception.

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