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4 Private + 4 Group Sessions 


Total of 8 Sessions 

Introduce Basic Training

On Leash Obedience

Come, Sit, Down & Stay

Loose Leash Heeling Training


Dog Training Advice

Housebreaking, Potty Training,

Canine Socialization


8 Private + 8 Group Sessions

Total of 16 Sessions

Intermediate Training 

Introduce Toy Reward Games and Retrieve

Introduce Off Leash Recall

Address Common Issues
Jumping, Teething, Not Listening

Create Distance Between Dog & Owner in Public Settings Using Obedience Commands

Teach Focus with Public Distractions
Increase Duration of Obedience Training in Real World Settings

Further Socialization with Other Dogs In Our Training Program

Increase Distraction Awareness

12 Private + 12 Group Sessions


Total of 24 Sessions

Advanced Off Leash Training

Off Leash Focused Heel and Recall Training

Preferred Package For

Problem Solving

 Address Behavioral Issues

Excessive Reactivity, Barking

Proof All Obedience

Immersive Training Program

    Increase Duration Of Behaviors And Obedience with Distractions

  Group Canine Socialization 

Heavy Distraction Proofing, Around Other People & Dogs


 Group Obedience Classes with Other Off Leash Trained Dogs 

  Advanced Concepts 

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