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Judge Thiara - Canine Behaviorist 
Founder of Bay Area K9 Training

J​udge Thiara, founder of Bay Area K9 Training' was raised in Richmond, California where he grew up with dogs including German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, and other mixed breed dogs, his passion for dogs started at a young age. Later in his youth while attending college, Judge joined an apprentice program for dog trainers four days a week as a hobby in Stockton California mentored under James Powell from 2009 - 2012, upon completion he founded Bay Area K9 Training in 2013 as a way to continue to give back to dogs in need and help dog owners seeking a higher level of communication with their dogs thru his obedience & socialization training programs

Judge Thiara, consults private training sessions with Bay Area K9 Clientele before dog owners start group training events with our other dog trainers. Judge is also the head trainer of our Board and Train Program. He is a passionate dog trainer whom devotes his time to training with his Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds for high level obedience, agility and protection training.

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Bay Area K9 Trainer: Devin Gamble

Devin G. is a Group Training Instructor and Decoy Helper who started as one of our clients and later joined the Bay Area K9 Training team of dog trainers. Devin is our Protection Training Program Lead Decoy. Devin also has two beautiful mastiff mix breed dogs. 


Manuel, is a kennel maintenance technician, he helps the team ensure all of our canine students have a clean sanitary playing and living environment while also engaging with board and train students on daily walks and training sessions. Manuel is also bilingual in Spanish and has a Boston Terrier

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