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Bay Area K9 Trainer: Judge Thiara  Canine Behaviorist & Dog Trainer

Bay Area K9 Training is a small dog training orginization that creates a dog friendly atmasphere for working dogs and individuals alike. Owned and operated by Judge Thiara whome raised in Richmond, California where he grew up with dogs including German Shepherds, Pitbulls, and other mixed breed dogs his passion for dogs started at a young age. Later attending Ohlone Collge in Fremont California. Then attending an Apprentice Program for Dog trainers in Stockton California from 2009 - 2012, upon completion of his apprenticeship under the wing of James Powell, he had gained 

Judge - specializes training dogs for obedience and personal protection training while also engaging in private sessions with the community educating dog owners seeking a more one on one consult of training sessions. While training with us, Bay Area K9 Trainers will help educate you about your dog and philosophy on training with dogs, teach you how to have fun with your dog. ALL Dogs are Trainable, its us as Dog Owners whom need a  plan, schedule and reassurance and that's what our staff will provide consulting private training sessions for obedience training and rehabilitation for aggressive dogs. His experience with working K9's and other sport related dog venues gives him a unique approach at understanding drive, balance, temperament, motivation, sociability and disposition in different breeds.

O U R  A P P R O A C H

Health, Movement, Wellbeing

Our first step is to conduct and evaluation of your dogs current behavioral status this allows your trainer to get to know your dog as an individual versus basing things on its breed standard.

Secondly we will need create a written and maintainable plan that works to create a more obedient and balanced dog.

Consistency is the most appreciable reward for both dog and owners, results aren't achieved overnight, training a dog takes weeks sometimes months and by using our balanced approach on dog training you too can learn the Bay Area K9 Training method.

Bay Area K9 Trainer: Devin Gamble

Group Class Instructor & Decoy 

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