Bay Area K9 Training  Services

5 private sessions

5 Hours of Training


Address common issues for example chewing, jumping, pulling on leash etc...

Loose Leash Heeling

Sit, Down, Stay, Recall to Come

 Focus of the handler, Engagement in Public

Problem Solving, Crate Training, Potty Training


8 Private sessions

8 Hours of Training

 On and Off Leash

Increase Duration of Commands w/ public distractions

Address Aggression Issues

Further Socialization

Introduce Off Leash Obedience

Increase Distraction awareness utilizing your trainers trained dog

12 Private sessions

12 Hours of Training


Off Leash Training

Immersive Training Program

Advanced Off Leash Obedience

    Increase duration of behaviors and obedience

    Off leash Focused Heeling

    Heavy distraction proofing, around other people and dogs

    Advanced Concepts

Group Training

Group Training
$89 per month - 4 classes


$25 per drop in 

1 hour each

Pr-requisite is to complete 5 private sessions


A great way to maintain your dogs obedience weekly and socialization with other trained dogs

​ Introduce the Bay Area K9 Training Method

    Share Canine Psychology

    Behavior Modification

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